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Posted 25 May 2023

WBS LEADERSHIP DIALOGUES: Leadership in the 21st Century, A Conversation With Dr Judy Dlamini

WBS Leadership Dialogue with our special guest: Dr Judy Dlamini. A renowned businesswoman, entrepreneur, author, and activist, Dr Judy Dlamini was elected Chancellor of Wits University in 2018. A medical doctor by training, she has an MBA from WBS and a PhD in business leadership from UNISA. Dr Dlamini is chairperson of the Mbekani Group, a business she founded more than 20 years ago and which now directly employs 120 people, most of whom are women. Her research for her doctoral thesis, which explored the impact of race, gender and social class on female CEOs in South Africa, was the inspiration for her book “Equal But Different”. Dr Dlamini was named by Forbes magazine in 2022 as one of the 50 over 50 women leading the way throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.