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Executive Education

We develop and deliver a range of short courses for senior professionals and policymakers working in governance, policy and development management for the public sector.


A Message from the Director

At WBS Executive Education we offer innovative and impactful programmes that are targeted at senior executives, managers and new managers. Our programmes are designed to address organisations' immediate and future needs by empowering employees to drive change, manage and lead teams, and adopt innovative approaches to solving complex problems. We offer both open enrolment and customised programmes and our growing client base is testament to a quality offering that impacts personal development and organisational performance. If you are looking to harness your leadership skills and translate your knowledge into practical and effective business solutions, please do get in touch with myself or one of my team. We look forward to engaging with you!

Leoni Grobler

About WBS Executive Education

About the Executive Education Unit

'Pracademia' and learning for real-world impact. We get people from business to teach business.

Why not give yourself and your employees the best chance of securing a new career opportunity or simply supporting them to upskill themselves towards a better and brighter future.

Lifelong learning is necessary for those wanting to succeed in life if they wish to remain relevant. Business leaders have to adapt to internal and external disruptions; therefore, flexibility, agility, and resilience are important skills and mindsets to develop.
Given the speed at which technology is influencing the way we live, and essentially running our businesses, a digital skillset becomes crucial. Digital skills drive growth, increase revenue and market brands, and improve organisational performance.

As part of our Executive Education series of programmes, you will learn how to improve your effectiveness as a leader, how to apply strategic analysis to practical situations, and how to manage the challenges of a world of disruption and change.

Our programmes provide the best in knowledge, tools, research and practical exposure.