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Centres & Chairs

Wits Business School prides itself on its Chairs and Centres which set the school apart from its competitors.

The WBS Chair in Digital Business, the African Energy Leadership Centre (AELC) and the Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment (CAPSI) are the first of their kind on the African continent, putting WBS at the forefront of research and academic programme design in areas critical to Africa’s socio-economic advancement.


The WBS Chair in Digital Business

The Chair in Digital Business, the first of its kind in Africa, aims to be a centre of excellence in digital business. The Chair has produced a range of cutting-edge academic programmes based on structured research, and works closely with industry to ensure relevance and applicability. The overarching vision of the Chair is to help African businesses thrive in the digital era. 

The African Energy Leadership Centre (AELC)

We aim to sculpt leaders in the energy sector who think and act strategically and have the skills needed to navigate through the challenges of an evolving African energy landscape. Through our academic programmes, you will gain the knowledge and expertise to be a more effective leader in this dynamic field. You will learn how to address energy shortages and the skills deficit currently faced by the industry, among other pressing issues. The AELC provides numerous opportunities for individuals who are passionate about energy to play a vital role in helping Africa reach its full potential!


The Centre on African Philanthropy & Social Investment (CAPSI)

The Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment (CAPSI), the first of its kind in Africa, has been structured to promote social change by building a culture of effective giving, and corporate social and civic responsibility. It serves as a source of knowledge, a network of partnerships, and a motivation for innovation and community engagement across the continent. The Centre aspires to build a new generation of African experts, researchers and academics in African philanthropy, social investment and related disciplines through our academic programmes, research and publications, initiatives, dialogues and conferences.

The Case Centre

Wits Business School pioneered the writing of management case studies in Africa when it established its award-winning Case Centre in the late 1990s. It was no longer enough to rely on cases developed by international business schools in an international context. Africa needed case studies that reflected its own unique environment and challenges. Today, with more than 350 case studies in its collection, the Centre is recognised globally for the quality of the work that it produces.


Career Management Centre

Our Career Development Programme is about taking you from the classroom into the workplace. We work together in understanding your career goals and set a clear path to achieving those goals. We equip you with the skills you need to formulate your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile and provide you with constructive feedback to ensure that you are optimally positioned out in the marketplace. We’ll even do mock interviews so that when opportunity knocks you’re more than prepared.

Good Governance Academy

The Good Governance Academy is a non-profit organisation that collaborates globally to share information on critical business issues as a public good.

A strong alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #17 (Collaboration) and SDG #4 (Quality Education) is intended. Issues include: outcomes-based governance; conscious corporate leadership; value creation in a sustainable manner; integrated thinking and effective corporate reporting including sustainability reporting and integrated reporting.