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Research enriches the learning experience of students, nurtures critical thinkers, develops the business skills needed to identify and solve problems, and provides corporates and academics with access to critical, up-to-date information.


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Research as part of the WBS learning experience

Research is inextricably linked to nurturing critical thinkers and, in business, it’s an essential management skill needed to identify and solve problems. Our students learn to collect, analyse, organise and critically evaluate information. They also access, analyse and debate up-to-date research and real-life case studies as part of the rich learning experience at WBS.

Research that informs the business world

As a business school, we pursue new, high-impact, forward-thinking and relevant research that contributes locally and globally to knowledge and teaching about business, management and economics. Our research and case studies are made available to corporates and academics, providing insights on business challenges, processes, best practices and many other critical issues


Award-winning case studies from the WBS Case Centre

The Wits Business School Case Centre is Africa’s largest case study centre. The Centre has developed more than 350 cases that analyse the defining moments of leading South African businesses. These case studies, some of which have won international awards, are put to practical use by our faculty and are increasingly used by other academic institutions and businesses.

Contact the WBS Case Centre on +27 (0)11 717 3922 for more information.

Research Director

Prof Eric Schaling
Phone: +27 11 717 3660