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Posted 13 September 2023

WBS celebrates Arbour Week

On Thursday 7 September WBS breathed new life into its campus by planting four indigenous trees. The special tree-planting ceremony was the culmination of a week of sustainability activities at the school, with a focus on plant life.

Staff were treated to delicious plant-based snacks to encourage a ‘meat-free Monday’ ethos; they were also given a pack of vegetable seeds to plant at home, and encouraged to donate succulents and other water-wise plants to the campus gardens.


Coinciding with Arbour Week, the WBS sustainability week also saw the official launch of the school’s sustainability committee which includes representatives from Exco, support staff, academics and the student body.

“Sustainability is not just a buzz word – it is a way of living that will ensure a positive impact on our environment and our planet and is key to our survival. As a business school, having impact is top of our agenda. It drives our entire strategy,” said Prof Maurice Radebe, Head of WBS.

The committee’s mandate is to ensure that WBS’s sustainability programme is well conceptualised, planned and implemented.  Future projects will focus on recycling, eliminating waste and harvesting water.

Wits Business School is also a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), a global platform for business schools to raise the profile of sustainability and empower students to create positive change.

“Our aim is to create a community within WBS that consciously integrates economic, social, and environmental factors into all decision-making processes. Wits Business School can help create a more equitable and sustainable future for all by promoting sustainable practices, including preserving our precious natural resources and reducing waste, and fostering a sense of shared purpose among members,” said Prof Radebe.