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Posted 27 June 2023

WBS BOOK LAUNCH: The Intrapreneur's Journey – Empowering Employees to Drive Growth

This revised edition is an essential business guide on how to develop an organisation’s innovation culture through its internal entrepreneurs (intrapreneurs), with an emphasis on African innovation case studies. Based on the observation that the most under-utilised assets in most organisations are the ideas in their employees’ heads, the authors offer first-hand experience and analysis on how intrapreneurship powers some of the world’s leading innovative businesses. This is a must-read for any entrepreneur, innovator, manager or senior executive who wants to successfully compete in today’s fast-changing world.

Our panelists: - Prof Mills Soko, Professor of International Business and Strategy at WBS. - Mr Hugh Molotsi, Founder and CEO of Ujama and award-winning innovation leader. - Prof Mjumo Mzyece, Associate Professor of Technology & Operations Management at WBS. - Prof Diran Soumonni, Associate Professor of Innovation Policy and Management at WBS. - Dr Rethabile Melamu, CEO of SAPVIA (South African Photovoltaic Industry Association).