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Leadership Development Centre

Developing skills, qualities and attributes that lead organisations and impact the bottom line

The Wits Business School Leadership Development Centre is focused on developing the immense talent in this country. Turning students into confident leaders who know how they can make a contribution to their organisations and their own leadership development.

We develop the skills, qualities and attributes of seniority that are needed to lead organisations – using innovative, action-oriented learning solutions and experiences. We also work with organisations, tailoring in-company programmes that are relevant to their business and that make a quantifiable difference to the bottom-line.

We take students through a process of intense reflection using multiple alternative learning modes, the outcome of which is a personal leadership manifesto. This intense introspective process results in major change in most cases and students emerge confident and knowledgeable in their chosen leadership path.

Developing confident leaders – From introspection to action

Students go through a process of intense reflection using multiple alternative learning modes such as action learning projects, coaching, psychometric assessment and leadership quests. The outcome is a personal leadership manifesto and a student who is more confident and knowledgeable in their chosen leadership path and the contribution they can make to their organisation.

Innovative experiential learning – Bush experiences, conversation dinners and more

The Leadership Development Centre incorporates innovative and alternative solutions to learning that make a real impact on the learning and personal development experience. These include diversity experiences, bush experiences, company visits, conversation dinners and more.

Tailored programmes – Developing leadership capacity in your organisation

The Leadership Development Centre works with organisations to develop their leadership capacity and customises relevant, industry specific in-company programmes that make a quantifiable bottom-line difference. The in-company programmes are tailored to specific competencies, such as strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and corporate governance. We also provide mentoring and coaching in line with the specific needs of the team or individual.

Leadership Development Centre Contact

Michaela Mahes
+27 11 717 3132