Master of Business Administration

Course Description:

The WBS MBA is the School’s flagship academic programme. The curriculum uses a combination of cutting-edge theory and guided practical application to develop the skills you need to be a great manager or leader in Africa and globally.

Course basics:

12 Months, 24 Months


Study mode:
Full Time, Part Time

Academic category:
Generalist degree

Elective course streams:
Dynamic Economies & Innovation, Managing for Sustainability, Finance, General Management, Leading Organisations in Complex Environments

Core Courses:

Management, Accounting, Economics, Technology & Operations, Strategy, Organisational Design, Critical Skills, Society & Collective Action, Marketing in a Connected World, Finance & Investment, Entrepreneurship, Business Integration, Case Competition

WBS students share their experience of the MBA programme

Join us for a life-changing experience that magnifies your view of the world and the opportunities it offers.

The MBA revolves around five key themes:  Context in Africa; Context in South Africa; Sustainability; Entrepreneurial Action, and Critical Engagment There are four components of the WBS MBA: Core courses Electives Independent study Global study tour Format: One year full time or two years part time Offered in three formats Full time – 08:30 to 16:30 Part time weekday – two evenings a week – 17:30 to 21:00 or Part time Saturday - 08:00 to 15:00 Part time – Modular format – 10 day blocks (June Intake )    

 Core courses

  • Management & Financial Accounting, and Finance
  • Economics for Business
  • Technology and Operations Management
  • Strategy
  • Organisational Design and Development and People Management
  • Critical Enquiry Skills
  • Business Society and Collective Action
  • Marketing in a Connected World
  • Finance and Investment Decisions
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Integration
  • Case Competition
  • Electives Areas:
    • Dynamic Economies and Innovation
    • Managing for Sustainability
    • Finance
    • General Management
    • Leading Organisations

*Please note, electives will run when there are 25 or more students in attendance. 

Entry Requirements

  • 4 year degree (NQF 8) OR 3 year degree plus PG-Dip (NQF 8)
  • Post-university work experience: A minimum of 3 years for the full-time programme, 4 years for the part-time programme
  • Acceptable GMAT, NMAT score OR APIL test. For booking the APIL test, contact Helen Preston on 011 717 3928 or 
  • Mathematics: A level of competence equivalent to the requirements of the SA Matriculation certificate
  • SAQA Evaluation (International qualifications only) prior to application. SAQA Help desk: 012 431-5070 or go to:
  • Proof of English language proficiency (for students who have not studied at tertiary level in English)
  • Recogntion of Prior Learming (RPL) candidates are required to write the NMAT test. Visit for more information.


  • Complete an Online Application form on the following link
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee of R200
  • Complete and upload a Management Part 3 Form- Management Part 3 Word Format
  • Upload copies of ALL your tertiary qualifications- Degree certificate(s) and Academic transcript(s)
  • Upload current CV
  • Book a compulsory and Non-refundable Admission test - currently R925
    For Test bookings, please contact Helen on 011 717 3928/
  • A R15 000 minimum deposit will be required upon acceptance of a place on the programme
  • Foreign Qualifications
    Applicants who hold a foreign qualification need to send their qualifications to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for evaluation before applying to WBS. Visit or email Alternatively, you can call: 012 431 5070 or the helpdesk on: 0860 111 673

The WBS MBA entails two independent study components, building a bridge between the classroom and the workplace. The two projects are:

  • The Leadership Quest
  • Applied Research Project, with a choice of one of the following:
    • Social Entrepreneurship Project
    • Consultancy Assignment
    • Business Venture Proposal
    • Research Report

Part of the MBA includes a Global Study Tour.Students have a choice of going on an international study tour or a regional study tour. The cost of the international study tour is approximately USD 5 500 and the regional study tour approximately R31 000.

In the past, international study tours have included countries such as Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Other popular destinations are in the East, including China, India, Singapore and Malaysia. Further information on the regional study tour is to follow. 

Please note, the tour is a compulsory requirement of the MBA. All students are obliged to participate in a study tour in order to graduate. 

More information on quotations and information related to different global tours may be obtained from:

Qawekazi Ademeso
Travel Coordinator
Tel no: +27 11 717 3857


  • MBA Full-Time: 1 year
  • MBA Part-Time:  2 years


  • January Intake ( Applications open mid MAY 2018)
    • Full-Time: 5 days a week, all day sessions from 08:30 – 16:30
    • Part-Time Weekday: 2 evenings a week from 17:30 – 21:00
    • Part-Time Saturdays: Saturdays from 08h00 – 16h30
  • June Intake (Applications open 15 February and close 15 May 2018)
    • Part-time modular format: 7 blocks of approximately 12 days each

Disclaimer: Cancellation of programmes by WBS

  • WBS is entitled to cancel or change the date of delivery of a programme without notice and for any reason without incurring any liability to individuals who have applied or are enrolled on the programme or any funders of such individuals (“participants” or “funders of participants”).
  • Without derogating from the aforesaid, and insofar as it possible, WBS will provide the participants or funders of the participants with 30 (thirty days) days written notice of any cancellation or changes in the dates of delivery of the programme. 
  • Insofar as the programme is cancelled or rescheduled prior to delivery of the programme then in that event the participants and funders of the participants will not be charged the full programme fees.