PhD January 2020 intake (applications open 1 August until 31 October 2019)

Course Description:

Join top candidates from across the continent, participate in rich cultural and social debates and realise the vastness of the knowledge domains you can master by developing your learning and research skills.

Course basics:

Consult supervisor


Study mode:
Full Time, Part Time

Academic category:
Research degree

Core Courses:

Academic Research

Choose the WBS PhD programme and choose to be part of an incredible group of innovators and new thinkers emerging from the African continent.

The WBS PhD programme is the largest in South Africa and one of the most highly regarded on the continent. We seek out and bring together top candidates from across Africa to address important topics in their PhD research that are relevant to the advancement of business and society on our continent. We have students from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia and of course South Africa, and the best faculty from across the continent so that our PhD is authentically African in perspective. As a student of our PhD programme, you will gain real cultural and social insights from our commercial and political debates, you will sharpen your ability to articulate, grow in confidence and realise the vastness of the knowledge domains you can master by developing your learning and research skills. A PhD shows the world you are capable of putting in the disciplined effort, logical thought and leaps of insight needed to be a ground-breaking innovator. It tells employers that you work diligently to discover new truths, evaluate alternative approaches and forge ways forward based on solid evidence.

The School is particularly keen to enrol students in the following areas of study:

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  • A Bachelor’s degree with Honours – upper 2nd class or better (i.e. both with an average of “B” or better)
    OR a Bachelor’s degree plus a postgraduate Diploma (both with an average of “B” or better)
  • A good master's degree (i.e. an average of “B” or better)
  • An outline of your proposed research.
  • Availability of a suitable supervisor
  • A non-refundable application fee
  • Complete the on-line application form on the following link  (parts 1&2)
  • Complete Part 3 form WBS PhD Application_Part 3 form
  • Motivation letter
  • CV
  • A 12-pager proposal
  • Certified academic transcripts/records - Undergraduate, Honours and Masters Degree
  • Certified academic certificates - Undergraduate, Honours and Masters Degree

 PhD January 2020 intake (applications open 1 August until 30 September 2019).

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Disclaimer: Cancellation of programmes by WBS

  • WBS is entitled to cancel or change the date of delivery of a programme without notice and for any reason without incurring any liability to individuals who have applied or are enrolled on the programme or any funders of such individuals (“participants” or “funders of participants”).
  • Without derogating from the aforesaid, and insofar as it possible, WBS will provide the participants or funders of the participants with 30 (thirty days) days written notice of any cancellation or changes in the dates of delivery of the programme. 
  • Insofar as the programme is cancelled or rescheduled prior to delivery of the programme then in that event the participants and funders of the participants will not be charged the full programme fees.