Release Date: 10 September, 2019

WBS statement: 21h00, Tuesday 10 September 2019

WBS statement: 21h00, Tuesday 10 September 2019

In terms of Mr Motsoeneng’s involvement in WBS – as previously stated - at no stage has Mr Motsoeneng lectured at the WBS, nor has any material authored by him formed part of the syllabus or curriculum of any of our academic or executive education programmes or courses at WBS.

In 2013, he did appear as a speaker at a public breakfast panel hosted by WBS. Wits Business School aims to be a centre for discourse, debate and dialogue for all voices and opinions across all of South Africa and therefore does not discriminate between guests regardless of levels of education, stance or public standing when it comes to fostering open, public debate within diverse stakeholder groups such as the event that Mr Motsoeneng was a part of.

Let us be clear that there is a distinction between lecturing to our student body within an academic context and being one of several guest speakers at a once off public breakfast event that was held in the spirit of inclusion and debate.