Release Date: 21 July, 2021

SA needs Energy Leadership to power up

South Africans know there is no turning back the dial to ‘business as pre-pandemic usual’ but a sense of being powerless has darkened the country, as the power core of the economy disintegrates in front their eyes. Will the nation cower in the dark or is there a dial it can turn to reconnect with a new centre of energy, asks Professor Lwazi Ngubevana, Director: African Energy Leadership Centre (AELC) at Wits Business School.

He notes that the country is in full energy crisis mode as without a functional Power/Energy sector, it does not have an economy. The only way in which we can dig ourselves out of this hole is to fast-track the Integrated Renewable Energy Programme (IRP), he says. “This is a crisis that we should not waste. We may be backed into a corner but we have to innovate our way out of it.”

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