Release Date: 12 March, 2019

Reach your business leadership potential with an MBA from Wits Business School

As one of the oldest, most established business schools in Africa, Wits Business School (WBS) has been graduating business leaders for fifty years.

Over the decades, the School’s flagship programme, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) has consistently provided management education and skills development for executives wanting to advance their careers. WBS has graduated the highest number of MBAs in Africa, and has an extensive global alumni network.

Some might argue that the MBA no longer enjoys the same relevance in today’s fast-paced, digitised world.  Wits Business School recognises that now more than ever, as we navigate the fourth industrial revolution, business requires innovative thinking, and the ability to both collaborate and lead effectively.

The WBS MBA curriculum reflects this trend by renewing its focus on the individual students. The ‘Leadership Quest’ is an ongoing, independent study component of the MBA in which students are challenged to identify, through research and literature, the kind of leader they would like to be. Emphasis is put on personal development and self-awareness, and students receive individual coaching.

The WBS MBA also emphasises problem-solving through case studies.  The school has its own Case Centre, which has produced over 250 case studies on South African and African business leaders and organisations. These ‘real life’ problems and dilemmas spark lively debate in the classroom and syndicate groups.

A strong theme in the WBS MBA is our context in South Africa and Africa. The curriculum revolves around five key themes:  Context in Africa; Context in South Africa; Sustainability; Entrepreneurial Action, and Critical Engagement.

While the Wits MBA has changed and evolved to reflect our context and the changing nature of work, the programme is still as rigorous as ever, demanding of the student focus and commitment, and an ability to balance work and home life responsibilities.

Ultimately, the MBA is a ‘stress test’ for anyone wanting to reach their potential. It provides a rare opportunity to think deeply and critically - not only to absorb knowledge but to actively consider solutions in the face of complex realities.  Entrepreneurship, innovation, learning to work with people, and individual career development are just some of the powerful ingredients which ‘prep’ students to meet global business challenges, both now and in the future.

The Wits Business School MBA can be undertaken full-time, part-time or in a block-release format.

For more information, visit the MBA page.

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