Release Date: 16 July, 2020

Head of School at WBS, Jannie Rossouw, tackles the issue of executive pay in the tertiary education sector.

While academics deliver in trying times, top brass will rake in rewards

This is not an easy time to work at a university. In fact, any form of work under lockdown conditions is challenging, though those of us still receiving remuneration are very grateful. Many people lost their jobs due to the lockdown.

Conditions of lockdown changed the face of work, perhaps forever. It was necessary to figure out how to work online, a challenge for many of us. Now it is necessary to figure out what the future will look like.

Office space might be in surplus due to work-from-home skills developed during lockdown. Training in successfully conducting and participating in online meetings will become much more important. Social protocols have changed.

In an academic environment such as a university, the changes forced by lockdown require reskilling of academics and students in aspects such as online teaching and learning. Additional responsibilities for academics include the setting of online assessments and the evaluation of students. Click here for more

Article by Jannie Rossouw, Interim Head of School at WBS