Release Date: 31 August, 2020

EWSETA Women in Leadership Programme

The Women in Leadership Programme (WLP) has a specific focus on the challenges faced by women in leadership. It aims to support women to optimise their career impact by exploring the dynamics and challenges of single identity leadership positions and overcoming barriers specific to women in business.

The Sector Skills Plan 2020/21 highlighted the following challenges “Only 24% of top management is reflected as being female by the EWSETA Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) 2019 data which is roughly three times less than the composition of male workers (76%). Senior management positions follow a similar trend with just over only one third (34%) of these positions occupied by women.”

It is against this background that EWSETA seeks to improve gender transformation in C-Suite positions in the energy and water sectors through the WLP. During the course of the programme, participants will explore leadership models through the feminist lens and be immersed in-market experiences on how to accelerate strategic leadership and execution. Participants will apply their learning to become effective leaders that embrace feminism to respond to identified strategic challenges in the energy and water sectors.

EWSETA Women in Leadership Programme

Eligibility: Candidates should have a post matriculation qualification as well as a minimum of three years’ experience at a senior level in an organisation within the energy or water sectors.

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Applications Open: 31 August 2020
Applications Close: 15 October 2020
Course start date: 26 October 2020
Venue: Wits Business School - Parktown

Contact: Adorable Jacinto on