Release Date: 18 October, 2018

Enrolment opens for first Wits Digital Business Masters degree course

Programme aims to prepare managers for digital transformation revolution

Johannesburg, 21 August 2018 – Enrolment is now open for places in the first Masters in Management in the field of Digital Business course at Wits Business School. The one-year course is designed to equip managers with the knowledge and skills required to guide their organisations through the complexities of digital transformation.

“Digitalisation is fast becoming the driving force in business,” said Brian Armstrong, Professor and BCX Chair in Digital Business at Wits Business School. “Digital technology is giving every organisation, both private and public, the chance to be more agile, more transparent, more innovative and more customer-centric. Organisations that embrace the digital revolution outperform those that don’t, and this is creating a demand for people with the qualifications to manage the whole process.”

Digitalisation and the so-called fourth industrial revolution is not based on a single technology but on the confluence of multiple technologies. In fact, Armstrong argues that the fourth industrial revolution is so powerful, so transformative, because it is based not only on the technology revolution sweeping the world, but also on the transformation of society, and on new ways of doing business and government. It is this intersection between the technology revolution, a transforming society, and radically new ways of doing business and government, that make the 4IR so disruptive and transformative.

“For professionals, managers and  businesses to thrive and fully realise the potential of this 4th industrial revolution, and to astutely address and manage the emergent potential challenges and down-sides, it is vital for us all to equip ourselves with integrative, systems thinking skills and insights considering all three of these dimensions. This is what we aim to deliver with our Master in Management in the field of Digital Business”, says Armstrong.

The Masters in Management in Digital Business course commences on 14 January 2019 and will cover a wide range of subjects in a digital context, including Digital Technology Fundamentals; Business Strategy for a Digital World; Applied Big Data and Analytics; Marketing for Digital Business; Digitalising Operations Management; Frontiers in e-Government; and Digital Readiness, Transformation and Change Management.

Wits Business School is also offering a Post-graduate Diploma in Management in the Field of Digital Business, a PhD and a number of executive short-course options.  Prospective students can get more information or enrol online now at (

“I believe the timing of our new courses is just right,” Prof Armstrong said. “There are simply not enough well-trained people out there to deliver the digital transformation projects that companies need to implement. That is great news for anyone with the necessary qualifications in digital management and anyone planning to obtain them.”