Release Date: 18 July, 2023

CAPSI hosts a visiting researcher from Karibu Foundation, Norway

The Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment (CAPSI) at the Wits Business School has welcomed a visiting researcher from Karibu Foundation in Norway. From the beginning of July 2023 CAPSI has been playing host to Tyler Dale Hauger from the Karibu Foundation in Norway, and he will be on the campus until to the first week of September 2023.

Tyler and his family will be spending some time in South Africa embarking on a participatory grant making research project. Innovative funding models have been emerging within the field of “participatory grantmaking” (PGM) and in similar discourses within the #ShiftThePower, “trust-based philanthropy” and “decolonising philanthropy” movements where grantmakers (funders) involve non-grantmakers in funding decision processes. 

Advocates of PGM and trust-based models argue that more participatory grantmaking models generate outcomes such as changes in participants’ agency, power, and leadership – and that it can act as a lever to democratise the field as a whole. In this sense, these models emphasize that the “HOW” of how funding occurs should receive the same attention as the “WHAT” of what receives funding.

“We are very happy to have Tyler at CAPSI. He will be interacting with other researchers, students, faculty, and civil society organisations during his stay. We look forward to the research output and the fruit that will yield from his interactions with our network, and we commit to offer him all the support he needs,” says CAPSI’s Dr Keratiloe Mogotsi said.

By Medupi Lamola, Marketing & Communication Manager, Wits Business School

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