Release Date: 31 October, 2016

Are business schools effectively preparing managers and professionals?

There have never been more options available for further learning for professionals than today. The ‘explosion’ in the number of executive education courses offered by business schools is testimony to this.  From coaching to project management, finance to negotiation, strategy to managing people – these days an executive who wants to achieve his or her career potential is spoilt for choice.

We are proud that Financial Times ranked our Executive Education no.1 globally for repeat business and growth in 2016

At Wits Business School (WBS) we enjoy a reputation for executive education certificate courses that aim to truly meet the needs of our clients. Working closely with our clients we co-create in-company programmes that are based on shared goals and practical application, and we are proud that Financial Times ranked our Executive Education no.1 globally for repeat business and growth in 2016. 

All aspects of learning and personal development in the classroom should have direct application in the workplace. This is why, for both our academic programmes and our executive education courses, we believe in providing a business education that goes well beyond academic information gathering. It is our aim to nurture graduates who grow and achieve beyond themselves – individuals who have the technical, emotional and critical thinking skills needed in the complex world of doing business globally and, in particular, in Africa.

While stated goals and visions are important in charting the way forward, the real challenge for all leading business schools is to remain relevant. This means continually shaping our curricula and methodologies in ways that match the current business context and meet the needs of our future leaders.  It means maintaining close ties with the business community, forming strategic partnerships with other schools internationally, and opening our doors for regular discourse on issues facing South Africa as a country and a business community.

Our MBA provides professional management education that is both deeply rooted in our context and global in its outlook.  Face to face is still the most effective means of learning, as is interaction with fellow students through syndicate work, but we are also working with a number of excellent partners to build and grow our blended learning offerings in line with global learning trends. Our guest lecturer approach helps to integrate contemporary business practices into the learning experience. 

Equipping managers and professionals with the right skills should be a priority goal for companies looking to make waves in Africa.  As a business school we believe that this includes not only delivering cutting-edge content, but developing critical thinking skills and an entrepreneurial approach to life, and to doing business.

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