Thomas Anning Dorson
Senior Lecturer: Marketing

Prior to joining WBS, he worked with University of Ghana Business School. Thomas is an enthusiastic scholar with keen interest in the issues of Innovation, Strategy and Marketing in Emerging Markets. He constantly seeks knowledge through research and shares same through teaching from the perspectives of both the customer and the service provider/brand. He likes to take up the challenge of helping companies (both small and large) to maximize the customer experience and value on one hand and corporate success on the other.

Prior to joining academia on full time basis, Thomas worked in the Ghanaian hospitality sector for more than half a decade and also consulted for a number of firms. His current research focuses on Competitive Strategy, Innovation, Services Management, Emerging Markets, Customer Experience Management, E-Marketing and Enterprise Development. His award-winning research outputs have been presented at reputable international conferences. Additionally, top tier international journals such as Journal of Business Research, International Marketing Review, Computer in Human Behaviour, International Journal of Innovation Management, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, European Journal of Innovation Management, International Journal of Bank Marketing, etc. have published his research outputs. He also serves as a reviewer for top tier journals in his area of research including Journal of Business Research, International Marketing Review, Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Management Decision, Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice, Journal of Consumer Marketing among others.

Dr Anning Dorson is a Research Fellow at McGill University, Montreal, Canada on the QES Program. He is a visiting scholar at University of Ghana Business School. Thomas is a member of the American Marketing Association, a fellow at the Academiy of Markeitng Science and Academy of International Business. He was appointed in 2018 to serve as the Track Chair (2019-2021) - International Business Theory for the Academy of International Business, Sub-Saharan Africa Chapter (AIB Africa).


Peer-Review Journal Publications

  • Tweneboah-Koduah, E, Anning-Dorson, T and Nyamekye, M.B (forthcoming), Impact of Customization and Innovation on Hospitability Firms Performance, Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management, forthcoming (ISI, Scopus, CABS: 1-Star)
  • Acheampong, G., Odoom, R., Anning-Dorson, T., & Anim, P. A. (2018). Resource access mechanisms in networks and SME survival in Ghana. Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy12(5), 611-631. (Scopus, CABS: 1-Star)
  • Anning-Dorson, T., Hinson, R., Amidu, M and Nyamekye, M.B. (2018), Enhancing Service Firm Performance through Customer Involvement Capability and Innovativeness, Management Research Review, 41(11), 1271-1289 (Scopus, CABS: 1-Star)
  • Anning-Dorson, T. (2018), Innovation and Competitive Advantage Creation: The Role of Organizational Leadership in Service Firms from Emerging Markets, International Marketing Review, 34(4), 580-600 (ISI, Scopus, CABS: 3-Star)
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  • Odoom, R., Agbemabiese, G. Anning-Dorson, T. and Mensah, P. (2017), Branding capabilities and SME performance in an emerging market – the moderating effect of brand regulations" Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, 35/4, 473-487 (Scopus, CABS: 1-Star)
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  • Boateng, H. Okoe, A. F., Adam, D. A. and Anning-Dorson, T (2016), Assessing the determinants of Internet Banking adoption intentions: A Social Cognitive Theory Perspective, Computers in Human Behavior, 65, 468-478. DOI: (ISI, Scopus, CABS: 3-Star)
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  • Okoe, A., Boateng, H. and Anning-Dorson, T (2016), Consumers’ Preference for Foreign Products in an Emerging Market: Do Family Communication Patterns Play a Role? International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets, 8, No. 2, 210–221. (Scopus)

 Refereed Conference Presentations and Proceedings Papers

  • Anning-Dorson, T. (2019), Does Capability increase firm performance at all times? An assessment of firm involvement capability, Proceedings of 2019 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) World Marketing Congress at Edinburgh, UK, July 9-12, 2019. Hosted by University of Edinburgh Business School
  • Anning-Dorson, T. (2018), Involvement and Innovation for Competitiveness of Service Firms: A Two-Country Study, Proceedings of 2018 Academy of International Business Sub Saharan Africa Chapter Annual Conference at Kigali, Rwanda. Host Institution is University of Kigali, Rwanda, August 6-8, 2018.
  • Anning-Dorson, T., and Nyamekye, M. B. (2018), Engagement Capability for Service Innovation and Firm Performance: The Moderating Role of Competitive Intensity, Proceedings of 2018 Annual Conference of the Emerging Markets Conference Board, Wits Business School, Johannesburg, South Africa, pp. 110- 121, April 4-7.
  • Anning-Dorson, T. (2017), Creating Market Flexibility Through Culture and Leadership To Enhance Competitive Advantage. IIMI-NASMEI MARCON, Indian Institute of Management Indore, Indore, India, July 27-29. (Emerald Publication)
  • Anning-Dorson, T., and Tweneboa-Koduah, E.Y. (2017), Customization and Process Innovation for Firm Performance Improvement: Evidence from the Hospitality Industry, Proceedings of the 18th International Academy of African Business and Development (IAABD) Conference, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, May 17 – 20
  • Anning-Dorson, T., Hinson, R. and Amidu, M. (2015), Environmental Moderators and Performance Effect Of Interactivity Innovation, Proceedings of 2015 Annual Conference of the Emerging Markets Conference Board, Institute of Management Technology, Dubai, pp. 31-32, January 20-22

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Laurence Beder
Sessional Lecturer: Marketing

Laurence is a lecturer in marketing and entrepreneurship, as well as being a marketing consultant to large multinationals, business start-ups and NGO’s. He developed and co-authored an awarded business school case study on Harley Davidson in South Africa.

Laurence Beder has lectured on a part-time basis with WBS since 2000 in the marketing, service management and entrepreneurship fields for many of the School’s academic and executive education programmes. As a marketing consultant, he specialises in marketing planning and the roll-out of customised marketing and branding solutions for a wide range of local and regional clients and has also acted as a director of a new product venture company.

Laurence, who has an interest in the NGO space, has acted as principal consultant in the turnaround strategy of Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust. He continues to present workshops on marketing planning for small business and NGO’s. Over the past three years, Laurence has been Programme Director of the Master of Management programme in the field of Strategic Marketing.  

Laurence has also held managerial and directorship positions in the homebuilding, property development and management and financial services sectors.

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Dr McEdward Murimbika
Senior Lecturer: Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

Dr Murimbika is an entrepreneur and academic with more than 25 years’ experience as a business executive, management and a advisory consultant and an accomplished multi-discipline referenced scholar in the fields of entrepreneurship, small business management, enterprise development and Archaeology. Dr. Murimbika holds dual doctorates, one in the filed management and another in Archaeology. He is a published and referenced scholar with academic works and publications in organisational strategy and entrepreneurship, small business and management innovation. He is also an accomplished and globally rated archaeologist with international referenced works and publications in African archaeology, heritage resources management, ethnoarchaeology and palaeopathology including works on UNESCO African World Heritage Sites development and management. His current research interests are in enterprise development, small business growth and employment creation dynamics; emerging exponential technologies in context of the 4IR, strategic and management innovation, and archaeological resources management.

Dr Murimbika has demonstrated multi-discipline first-class research, training, analytical and applied problem-solving skills emanating from his work within the Emerging African Economies (EA) across the sub-Saharan Africa region. He also has international advisory, consultancy and executive training experience in the fields of Exponential & Emerging Technologies Convergence, Global Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial leadership and business advisory as well management innovation.

Dr Murimbika has a portfolio of  entrepreneurial ventures created and developed over more than two decades, a period during which he occupied senior executive management and founding directorship positions in multiple ventures including a multidiscipline specialist management consultancy based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In a career spanning more than two decades, Dr Murimbika has extensively travelled, worked and studied across the globe including the USA, South Africa, Norway, Kenya, Belgium, Zimbabwe, Spain, Tanzania, Germany, Namibia, France, etc. He has developed a portfolio of international institutions guest scholarships and lectureships including at the World Economic Forum, British Institute in East Africa; the World Bank (Washington, USA) as well as leading some African governments national business delegations and missions to the EU and the UNESCO.

Dr Murimbika graduated from the University of Zimbabwe with Bachelor and Honours degrees in Economic History and Archaeology. He holds an M.Phil. degree in palaeopathology from the University of Bergen in Norway; a Post-Graduate Certificate in African Archaeology from the University of Brussels in Belgium. Between 2006 and 2019, Dr Murimbika completed three post-graduate degrees from  the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg beginning a PhD in Archaeology, a Masters in Management in the field of Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation 2012 and subsequently completed a second PhD. in Management in 2019 both from the Faculty CLM.

Referenced Publications – Business

See -

  • Murimbika & B. Urban, (Forthcoming 2020). Systemic and local entrepreneurial intentions: Effects on employment creation and growth. Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, Forthcoming.
  • Murimbika, M. 2013. Strategic Management and Corporate Entrepreneurship: Influence of Strategic Management of Entrepreneurial Orientation of South Africa Financial and Business Service Sector. Germany: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. [BOOK] ISBN 978-3-659-31317-2
  • Murimbika, M. and Urban, B. (2013). Strategic management practices and corporate entrepreneurship: a cluster analysis of financial and business services. Journal of Business Management, 7(16), pp. 1522-1535.
  • McEdward Murimbika and Boris Urban, (2014). Strategic Innovation at The Firm Level: The Impact of Strategic Management Practices On Entrepreneurial Orientation. International Journal of Innovation Management, 18, 1450016 [38 pages] DOI: 10.1142/S1363919614500169.
  • Nhemachena C, & M Murimbika (2018). Motivations of sustainable entrepreneurship and their impact of enterprise performance in Gauteng Province, South Africa. Journal of Business Strategy and Development. Business Strategy & Development 1 (2), 115-127

Referenced Publications  - Archaeology & Heritage Resources Management

  • Murimbika, McE.. & B. Moyo. 2008. Archaeology and donor aid in the Developing World, Managing Archaeological Resources. Ed. F.P McManamon et. al. California: One World Archaeology 58.
  • Murimbika, McE. 2013. Violated sepulchres? The quest for a proper space for disinterred indigenous dead and immortal remains in post-colonial South Africa. [Book Chapter]. Pp.: 213-232. In M. Manyanga & S Katsamudanga. Zimbabwean Archaeology in the post-independence era. Sapes Books, Harare.
  • Murimbika, M. 2004. Communing with the dead: an Ethnoarchaeological interpretation of Shona mortuary practices. British Archaeological Reports International Series, 1210: 181 – 188. [MONOGRAPH]
  • Murimbika, M. & Huffman, T.N. 2003. Shona ethnography and Late Iron Age burials. Journal of African Studies, Vol.1 (2): 237-246. [JOURNAL].

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Dr Yvonne Saini
MMSM Programme Director
Senior Lecturer: Marketing

Dr Saini's rearch interests include Consumer Behaviour, E-commerce and general marketing topics.

Some research topics include the following: Consumer Choice, Consumer Decision Making, Factors Influencing Online Consumer Choice, Effects of Fluency Processing in Consumer Decision Making, Effects of Social Media and Consumer Behaviour and Exploring the Effectiveness of Mobile Advertising.

Dr Yvonne Kabeya Saini joined Wits Business School in 2006 and is a marketing lecturer for the PDM, PDBA, MBA, MMS and MAP programmes, with courses covering consumer behaviour, principles of marketing and marketing management. She has publications in local and international journals.

Yvonne has work experience as an economist, business analyst and business and information specialist. While in Zambia she worked as an economist for the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry and as a business analyst for the Zambia Privatisation Agency. She later took up a role as a business and information specialist at Mckinsey & Company in Johannesburg.

Yvonne has lectured at Monash University (South Africa campus) and the University of Cape Town. As well as her BA, MBA and PhD achievements, Yvonne also holds a certificate in e-marketing offered by the New Zealand Direct Marketing Association and the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa.

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+27 (11) 717 3586