Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Associate Professor

Professor Terri Carmichael teaches in the area of research methodology. She loves reading, writing and doing qualitative and mixed methods research across a wide range of topics, including management education, management competence, diversity and culture.

Professor Terri Carmichael is an associate professor of management education at Wits Business School, having joined the school as a lecturer in 2003. She teaches MBAs, Masters and PhD students in the areas of qualitative and mixed methods research methodology, and has a number of publications in the abovementioned areas.

After obtaining her BSc (Hons) in Microbiology, her career path began with the Government of Zimbabwe in plant research, before moving to South Africa where she took up a post in the pharmaceutical industry, working variously in sales, marketing, human resources and training, and travelling extensively in the course of her employment. Prof Carmichael also ran her own HR development consultancy before joining WBS, completing her Masters in Management and PhD during that time.

Charisse Drobis joined WBS in 2001 where she currently holds the positions of Director of the PDM and Head of Career Management Services. Charisse also serves on the Teaching and Learning, Postgraduate and Curriculum committees and was part of the team that designed the 2016 MBA and PDBA curricula.

Charisse designs and facilitates learning in the areas of team dynamics, personal branding, intra-organisational effectiveness, career management and job search strategy. She also consults and coaches extensively in the areas of career management, career strategy, personal and career negotiations, personal branding, interview skills and CV formulation and critique.

As head of career management services at WBS, Charisse directs all employability and employment initiatives for MBA, MM and PDM students, including the annual Graduate Recruitment Programme, Career Fairs and Academic Internship Programme.

Charisse says that the WBS career development programme enriches the learning experience of students, taking it beyond the classroom and into the workplace. She states that personal career development is part of who WBS is as a business school.

Prof Kriek is focused on teambuilding, leadership and change management and was instrumental in introducing adventure therapy to South Africa. He has extensive international experience spanning several African countries as well as Australia, Russia, Slovenia and Serbia.

Professor Hendrik Sebastian (Drikus) Kriek fulfils various roles at Wits Business School – he is the director of the Leadership Development Centre, associate professor in Human Resource Management and Leadership, and programme director for the International Executive Development Programme and the International Executive Programme for Learning and Development.

Drikus’s research, publications and teaching focus mainly on teambuilding, leadership and change management. He consults in the field of organisation development and has been involved in team development, management education projects and leadership development programmes. Drikus was instrumental in the introduction and advancement of the adventure therapy industry in South Africa.

Drikus has extensive international experience spanning Namibia, Botswana, Australia, Ghana, the DRC and Eritrea. Most recently, Drikus was involved in teambuilding interventions with companies from Slovenia, Russia, Serbia, Mozambique and Namibia. In 2006 he was visiting professor at the Integral Leadership Centre of the Graduate School of Management of the University of Western Australia in Perth.

Drikus received his MA (Clin Psych) and MBA degrees cum laude from the Rand Afrikaans University and the University of Stellenbosch respectively. Prof Kriek received his Doctorate from the University of Pretoria and is a graduate from Yale University in the United States.

Prof Lee is a well-known speaker and consultant in human resource management and metrics, and has contributed extensively to several human capital publications.

Professor Gregory John Lee is an associate professor with Wits Business School teaching in the area of human resource management. He is a well-known speaker and consultant in human resource management and human resource metrics, and often contributes to industry publications such as the Kelly Human Capital Review and Human Capital Review.

Other areas of interest include applied management statistics, social science philosophy applied to management, high performance work systems, links between HR and customers and industrial psychology.

Gregory John Lee
Associate Professor
Wits Business School
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Senior Lecturer

Dr Zanele Ndaba has experience as an academic, management consultant and human capital practitioner. She has worked for top management consultant firm Deloitte as well as the Department of Defence.

Dr Zanele Ndaba is a senior lecturer at Wits Business School and the deputy director for the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management. She has experience as an academic, management consultant and human capital practitioner.

Dr Ndaba has studied, lived and worked in the USA, UK, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. She worked for Deloitte, one of the top management consulting firms, where she focused on transformation, organisational design, gender mainstreaming and strategy implementation projects. She also worked for the Department of Defence and fulfilled roles such as labour relations manager.

Dr Ndaba’s research interests include gender and race in organisational studies, and understanding and improving the different forms of gender, race and class inequalities that may exist in a society.

MBA Director

Conrad Viedge is a registered Industrial Psychologist, corporate consultant, MBA Director and senior lecturer. He brings his research and experience in leadership, human resources, interpersonal skills and self- management to the learning environment.

Conrad has been involved in various positions at the Business School including the Acting Head of Executive Education, Director of International Programmes, Director of the International Executive Development Programme and the Human Resource Area Head.

Previous experience includes positions as an Administrative Manager at a fast moving consumer goods company, a unit head of the Management Studies Division at the National Institute for Personnel Research and lecturer in economic history at Wits. He holds an MA (Psychology) from Wits University and is a registered Industrial Psychologist. He consults in the areas of leadership, organisational effectiveness, performance management and self- management.  He has published articles on performance management, management development and group dynamics.  He has also co-authored case studies on Hollard Insurance, Massmart, Montecasino and Fruit & Veg City.

Conrad Viedge
MBA Director
Wits Business School
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