Service Leaders MasterClass

Course Description:

This practical MasterClass will give you specific service deliverables that boost your brand’s value to customers and provide direct links from your 3-Point Service Promise to your delivery and profitability.

Course basics:

2 Day


Course Level:

Full Time

Course Cost:
R6 000

Course Structure:


Senior service executives, managers and senior employees who want to understand and apply the fundamental principles required for high-value customer interactions and profitable service delivery.

The MasterClass uses case studies to describe how three service innovators became leaders. Inspiration comes from studying Nelson Mandela’s practices in his own interactions that catalysed change.

Day One:

  • ‘Culturising’: identifying the right kind of experiences that consistently deliver value to your customers.
  • Deliverability:  a 3-Point Service Promise.
  • Co-production: together with customers, co-producing service deliverables.
  • Profitability: how your 3-Point Service Promise can drive your long-term profitability.

Day Two:

  • Using the five CLEAR© tools as guiding principles: 
    Compassion; Listening; Empathy; Assurance; Respect.

How to relate each CLEAR© tool to specific features of your 3-Point Service Promise; and apply those features to build your delivery and profitability.

You will gain a practical understanding of the four service fundamentals: 1. PROMISING 2. INTERFACING 3. PREPARING 4. PROFITING

• Having specific deliverables that will boost your brand’s value to your customers. • People who are inspired to become an excellent customer interface. • An improved flow of internal and external activities from prepared service delivery.