Masterclass in Labour Relations

Course Description:

The purpose of the Masterclass in Labour Relations is to develop labour law practitioners and to unpack the current challenges facing employers today.

Course basics:

4 Days


Course Level:

Full Time

Exec Ed Category:

Course Cost:
Day 1 – R2,900 Day 2 and 3 – R 5,800 Full 3 day – R 7,000

Course Structure:

4 Day Masterclass

Law firms, particularly labour lawyers Labour Consultants Human Resource Practitioners Trade unions and federations Employer organisations and federations

the changing labour legislation landscape is one ruled by case law and with the increased emphasis placed on transformational labour legislation, requires all managers to take a more proactive stance in ensuring that employers operate within the bounds of the law but that they are also looking at suitable solutions to possible restraints and able to identify opportunities of transformation and skills enhancement.