Effective Coaching and Mentoring

Course Description:

This course gives participants a coaching and mentoring framework that will enhance insight into the processes, techniques and critical success factors of coaching and mentoring and provides direct contact with a professional coach.

Course basics:

Delivery Mode / Duration:
5 days


Course Level:
Foundational level within organisation

Full Time

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Individuals who want to build knowledge and skills in coaching and mentoring as an internal coach, providing professional coaching and mentoring to their employees; or to develop their coaching and mentoring skills to operate as a professional coach

Course Content
• Foundation theories in coaching and mentoring
• The application of a coaching and mentoring framework
• Critical success factors in coaching
• Ethics and a code of coaching conduct aligned to international best practise
• Feedback techniques in coaching and mentoring
• Develop a personal coaching and mentoring plan based on self-assessment of their needs
• Develop awareness around on going professional development through forming a community of practise in coaching and mentoring

• Practice and provide professional coaching and mentoring to organisations
• Examine and establish a knowledge base that underpins coaching and mentoring
• Evaluate and identify coaching needs and propose an appropriate coaching and mentoring strategy
• Apply techniques to coach / mentor a team member effectively
• Describe the professional environment and context in which coaching and mentoring operates
• Evaluate the legal and ethical implications of coaching and mentoring

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Disclaimer: Accreditation
This short course is accredited by the university in accordance with its statutory mandate. It does not lead to a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).