Corporate Governance

Course Description:

Get up to speed with corporate governance trends, critical issues and risk management techniques. Re-evaluate priorities and bring operational efficiency and resilience to your organisation.

Course basics:

4 days


Course Level:

Full Time

Course Cost:
R15 960

Course Structure:

4 full time days

Are you looking for an introduction to the intricacies of corporate governance? Do you need to sharpen your existing competencies in this area or re-evaluate your understanding and priorities of issues that are directly relevant to business life?

Main board directors, subsidiary board directors or company secretaries who wish to improve their understanding of the critical issues of corporate governance today.

What’s covered?

  • Risk management and operational efficiency
  • The governance agenda and ethics
  • Key responsibilities and accountabilities of the board and individual directors
  • Strategic leadership models and corporate alignment strategies
  • Strategic leadership and executive selection
  • Corporate communication, brand management and media management
  • Many other exciting discussion topics

You will get up to speed with current trends in corporate governance, you’ll know how to identify challenges and what the processes and techniques in effective risk management are. This will enable you to enhance operational efficiency and resilience

By having a directorship that is conversant with the governance agenda, the board will be effective in its strategic leadership and ethical conduct.