The Art and Science of Negotiation

Course Description:

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of your own personal negotiation strengths and weaknesses to enhance your deal-making effectiveness? Do you want to learn the nature of negotiation and the basic rules of engagement?

Course basics:

Delivery Mode / Duration:
4 days


Course Level:

Full Time

Exec Ed Category:
Personal Leadership Development

Course Cost:

The course is relevant to thought leaders, strategic planners, decision-makers, business-persons, trade unionists, employees, investors, diplomatic staff, politicians and academics.

What’s covered?

The content of this course offers a brief introduction to a unifying, powerful and generally applicable negotiation methodology.  It focuses on two forms of negotiation:

  • Deal-making negotiation, which has a future time frame
  • Conflict resolution negotiation, which has a historical and past time frame

Besides gaining a unifying, powerful and generally applicable negotiation methodology, you will learn:

  • A world-class set of negotiation tools and methodologies
  • Negotiation frameworks
  • The difference between deal-making negotiations and conflict resolution negotiations
  • The basic interrelationship between normal, deep-rooted conflict and development
  • Basic negotiation knowledge to maximise career opportunities
  • How to differentiate yourself in the market place based on your approach to negotiations
  • The rules of engagement
  • The various phases of negotiation
  • Your own negotiation strengths
  • A set of frameworks for effective preparation of negotiations
  • Identifying and understanding different negotiation styles

You will improve your own personal brand and effectiveness; you will gain a deep understanding of your own negotiation strengths and weaknesses, differentiate yourself in the marketplace and maximise your career opportunities.

Having managers or staff who are highly skilled and equipped with world-class sets of negotiation tools and methodologies.

Disclaimer: Accreditation
This short course is accredited by the university in accordance with its statutory mandate. It does not lead to a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).