Applied Financial Management

Course Description:

Translate income statements and balance sheets. Calculate how today’s decisions impact the business financially in the long term and what creates value in the future. Get the financial tools you need to create business success and advance your career

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Block release


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Part Time

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Do you have the tools to make sound financial decisions? Do you want insights on what impacts a business financially? Do you want to know how to apply a business’s working capital? Are you seeking to advance your career but lack finance skills?

Professionals, managers, business analysts and technical specialists who deal with the financial management and performance of the company and make financial decisions and commitments. It is an essential prerequisite for promotion to senior levels.

What's covered?

  • Concepts and terminology used in making financial decisions
  • Interpretation of financial statements
  • How to manage income and cash flows
  • Sources of finance
  • Financial planning
  • Budget control
  • Asset management optimisation
  • How financial decisions fit within the business’s overall mission
  • Appropriate use of valuation concepts
  • How to determine an appropriate capital structure
  • Managing financial risk
  • How to evaluate strategic alliances
  • Creating economic value
    • Company taxation principles and applications

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You’ll be able to conduct a range of business calculations, analyse a business or business unit, do budgeting, ratio analysis, review and translate income statements and balance sheets, develop future value calculations and apply working capital.

Key people who can cope with the complexities of financial decisions and long-term financial commitments integral to a business’s success. They will be equipped to make future value calculations, realise improvements and apply working capital.

Disclaimer: Accreditation
This short course is accredited by the university in accordance with its statutory mandate. It does not lead to a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).