Nurturing the Next Generation of Business Leaders

Nurturing the Next Generation of Business Leaders

Start Date: Wednesday, 02 June, 2021
Time: 16h00-17h30
Contact Person:
Venue: Online (Zoom)

The world is undergoing far-reaching economic, technological and environmental changes. There is a need to empower a new generation of business leaders and managers to not only navigate these changes, but to also build sustainable businesses that can respond to 21st century challenges.

How will current global shifts affect businesses? What kind of business leaders and managers are needed today? What needs to be done to nurture a new breed of corporate managers that can take on critical leadership roles in the future? How can business leaders run profitable enterprises while also fulfilling their social obligations? 

Please join us for an in-depth conversation between Prof Mills Soko, Professor of International Business and Strategy at WBS and Ciko Thomas, Group Managing Executive – Retail and Business Banking Nedbank Limited.

WBS Leadership Dialogues provide a platform for high-profile business leaders and academics to engage on solutions to Africa’s most pressing challenges. 

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