Career Management

Putting you on the path to success

Our Career Development Programme is about taking you from the classroom into the workplace. We work together in understanding your career goals and set a clear path to achieving those goals. We equip you with the skills you need to formulate your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile and provide you with constructive feedback to ensure that you are optimally positioned out in the marketplace. We’ll even do mock interviews so that when opportunity knocks you’re more than prepared.

As a student registered in one of our academic programmes, personal career development is an intergral part of your journey at WBS.

In addition, we are on hand to provide you with information and on-point advice about career choice, employers, salary trends and best practice in career strategy and job search. 

The Careers Management Area will send you regular updates on workshops, events and opportunities.

The Wits Business School Careers Area has compiled an annual Employer Guide. This includes companies who have recently and historically engaged with the Business School around graduate recruitment, internship and professional/experienced hire employment opportunities (full time and/or contract). This guide is presented to support students and graduates in their job search endeavours, through the provision of company information as well as links to company websites and recruiting platforms/portals.

Please click on the link to access this directory.

The ISSUU publication link is to be found below:

Employer Guide:

Identify your career goals and set a clear path to achieving those goals. Get equipped with the skills you need to create a stand-out CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile and ace the interview. Attend our Career Management Workshops to learn about your work style preference and how to brand yourself.

The compulsory two-month internship offers students insight into the real workings of the business world and, in addition, affords students the opportunity to gain practical work experience.  Students can expect an intensive and supportive career management programme and lots of networking with the country’s top employers who actively support the PDM Internship Programme.