African Energy Leadership Centre (AELC)


Africa has vast, untapped energy potential and will be one of the fastest growing regions for energy demand in the next decade - and yet the region’s development is hampered by energy shortages. At the same time there is a scarcity of skills in this sector. The energy workforce is aging, and fewer young skilled workers are entering the industry as access to energy training and education is limited. As a country and continent we need to equip future leaders to manage the challenges of this burgeoning sector which is becoming increasingly interconnected and interdependent. The sector is facing a tsunami of technological change at the same time as having to manage the transition to cleaner energy.

It is against this background that Wits Business School (WBS) took the initiative to establish an African Energy Leadership Centre (AELC). For anyone wanting to carve out a career for themselves in this crucially important sector, we encourage you to find out more about our programmes. This continent urgently needs a new generation of visionary, solutions-oriented leaders in the energy field. We hope to play an important role in developing such leaders and look forward to welcoming you to WBS.
Professor Rod Crompton


Wits Business School launched the African Energy Leadership Centre (AELC) in 2017, the first of its kind in Africa. The AELC aims to address the issues of energy shortages in Africa as well as the skills deficit in an industry which is of vital importance to economic growth on the continent. A hub of teaching and research, the focus of the AELC is on the latest thinking and best practice in energy

The three main areas of the African Energy Leadership Centre are:

  1. Postgraduate and Executive Education
  2. Research & Thought Leadership
  3. Networking and Professional Development

The AELC offers a specialised Master’s degree and a Postgraduate Diploma in Energy Leadership. Both programmes will provide you with a solid foundation in all aspects of energy leadership in order to make you a more confident, decisive and effective leader in this sector.

This programme was developed through a strategic partnership with the Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority.