Please note: only shortlisted candidates will be invited to write the APIL test.

Applicants are requested to read the following information with care. Tests are used in the selection process because research shows a correlation between success in the tests and on the programmes. However, the test results form only a part of the criteria for candidate selection.

Applicants for the MBA may sit one of three admissions tests.  The GMAT, NMAT or the APIL tests.  Applicants are advised to take the APIL test unless they wish to apply  to multiple business schools, in which case they should take the GMAT or NMAT (details of these tests may be found on the or  Applicants are advised that both the GMAT and the NMAT require extensive preparation, whereas the APIL test does not.   

Tests start at 09h00. Candidates should arrive 20 minutes early. A test administrator meets applicants at the Samuel’s Area at WBS at these times, and escorts them to the test venue. Regrettably, late arrivals will not be admitted for testing.

Testing Venue: Applicants report at the Samuel’s Area, Graduate School of Business Administration (WBS), Albert Wessels Building, 2 St David Place, cnr St Andrew Road, Parktown.

Test performance feedback is posted to applicants, and detailed results are passed direct to Faculty Office. Under no circumstances are results released over the telephone. Admissions test results are valid for two years. Tests may not be rewritten within a year.

All applicants write three psychometric tests and a brief motivation/career plan, totalling up to three and a half hours including administration and a tea break, however, Masters applicants write an additional test of ±50 minutes. Applicants are advised against scheduling appointments immediately after testing in case this affects their concentration or they are tired after testing.

The test measures abilities in the areas of general, arithmetic and cognitive reasoning, reading comprehension and written English. Unlike the GMAT test, they are aptitude tests, and require no preparation. Applicants may wish to remind themselves of basic arithmetic operations (times tables; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

A ballpoint pen and ID document. No dictionaries, tables, calculators, etc. may be used.

MBA applicants who opt to sit for the GMAT, and who require assistance with preparation for the GMAT, are advised to contact Shimon Goldchmit on 082 336 3217 or and Janine Barnes on 073 451 3822 or

For bookings of GMAT, contact Justin Jacobs on 011 784-3093 or

More information on the GMAT is available at 

Applicants for the MBA may opt to sit for the  NMAT tests.  More information on the NMAT can is available at 

Applicants are advised that both the GMAT and the NMAT require extensive preparation.    

  • Students who hold a Wits Business School PDM/PDBA qualification – no admissions testing required
  • Compulsory battery of four WBS selection tests:
    • Mental alertness
    • Reading comprehension
    • Arithmetic reasoning
    • Conceptual reasoning
  • No preparation required
  • Duration of selection tests is approximately four hours
  • The test are held at the WBS campus in Parktown, Johannesburg