Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To be recognised as the African business school of choice by students, employers, business, civil society, government and labour, while maintaining a fearlessly critical outlook, driven by a sense of professionalism, ethics and integrity.

We aim to create the academic, research, leadership and character excellence conditions that nurture graduates who grow and achieve beyond themselves as Africa's leaders, in business and in society. WBS' intention is also to build bridges - between business, government, civil society, organised labour and the NGO sector - to address the issues critical to Africa fulfilling its economic destiny. 

  • Bold and ground-breaking in its approach to the biggest issues facing South Africa and the continent;
  • The provider of top quality management and leadership education that will enable people to successfully advance their careers, both locally and globally;
  • Home to the brightest minds on big issues and called on to comment/participate in debates;
  • Producing cutting edge and relevant research;
  • A place where students want to spend more time to learn and gain wisdom; and
  • To service all stakeholders. 
  • We act with integrity;
  • We respect each other in all interactions - professionally and personally;
  • We trust each other; and
  • We are accountable, both as individuals, and as a group.