Creating and Managing Digital Marketing Strategies

Course Description:

Get up to scratch with the latest digital marketing trends. Know how to put together a digital marketing strategy. Set up SEO strategies, boost the functionality of your website and engage with your customers in the digital space.

Course basics:

4 days


Course Level:

Full Time

Course Cost:
R 19 800

Course Structure:

Four full time days

People at both a corporate and SMME level. Middle management in the marketing function who oversee digital marketing, brand/product managers, sales managers, marketing managers and directors, trade marketing managers, marketing research managers.

  • Mobile marketing
  • Search engine optimisation strategies
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing with mobile apps
  • Website assessment
  • Social media types and application efficacy
  • CRM engagement strategies

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Discover the latest digital marketing trends, learn how to create a digital strategy for presentation. Develop skills and learn tools to analyse social media platforms, set up SEO strategies, implement website functionality and develop CRM engagement

Stay ahead in the digital age. Personnel will be equipped to assess the effectiveness of digital marketing, create CRM engagement strategies, build the digital marketing programme, bolster the organisation’s value proposition and enhance brand equity