New Managers Programme

Course Description:

Get groomed for a management role. Gain a deeper understanding of the different divisions within the organisation and learn about effective decision making and working with a team. Build coping skills and take a confident step forward in your career.

Course basics:

20 days


Course Level:
Foundational level within organisation

Start Dates:
03 March, 2018
12 June, 2018
10 September, 2018
26 February, 2018

Full Time, Part Time

Course Cost:
R45 000

Course Structure:

Full Time Block Release or Part Time Saturday Classes

Are you ready to take your first step into general management? Are you a technical expert growing into a general or senior management role? Do you need to understand the integration of key disciplines in the organisation?

Newly appointed managers or individuals being groomed for management positions

What’s covered?

  • An introduction to business principles
  • Evaluating complex information
  • Management accounting: the accounting cycle, costs, profit and budgeting
  • The functioning of the human side of the organisation and managing people
  • Business communication skills and strategies
  • The principles of marketing in South Africa
  • The project management environment:
    • Project management tools and techniques
    • Risk management
    • Change management
    • Monitoring and controlling projects
  • Many other relevant discussion topics

To apply please download and complete the application form below

NMP Application Form Part 1

NMP Application Form Part 2

You will broaden your understanding of the key divisions in business and improve your decision-making and problem solving abilities.

Your organisation will benefit by having young managers with the skills to cope with the pressures of advancement in the workplace. Specialists moving up the corporate ladder will be well-rounded managers and have the ability to work effectively in t