Mentorship for leaders

Course Description:

Your organisation can have its own mentorship programme by developing in-company mentors who have the coaching, communication and leadership skills to develop high-potential employees into leaders.

Course basics:

20 days


Course Level:

Start Dates:
05 April, 2017

Part Time

Course Cost:
R37 500

Course Structure:

Part time over three weeks

Do you have high-potential employees that can benefit from on-the-job mentorship? Would you like mentor in your organisation? Join our course and follow the strategy of fortune 500 companies who are using mentorship develop high-potential employees.

For organisations that would like to introduce a mentorship programme but don’t know where to start or don’t have the infrastructure to support a programme.

What’s covered?

  • From orientation to coaching
  • Self-development
  • Use of assessment in development
  • Business development in mentorship
  • Strategic thinking
  • Handling stress – resilience in the workplace
  • Dealing with conflict in the workplace – negotiation skills
  • Integration and reflection

Develop coaching, communication and leadership skills. Bring these into the organisation so that you can fulfil a vital role in mentoring high-potential employees.

Assists the organisation in putting a formalised mentorship programme in place with skilled mentors who can on-board new recruits as well as develop high-potential employees. Mentoring also assists in improving productivity and retaining employees.