Business Executive Coaching for Organisational Excellence

Course Description:

Set up a coaching programme in your organisation or become the internal coach for your organisation. Provide business and executive coaching for employees and drive excellence in your organisation.

Course basics:

Five Months


Course Level:

Start Dates:
17 May, 2017

Part Time

Exec Ed Category:

Course Cost:
R 49,500

Course Structure:

Part time over five months

Do you want to be a professional coach providing business and executive coaching to employees? Does your organisation need an in-house coaching programme? Do you want an in-house coach to help drive excellence in your organisation?

For business leaders and executives who want to establish an in-house coaching programme or who want to act as an internal coach, providing professional business and executive coaching to their employees.

What’s covered?

  • Theory – coaching, group & interpersonal dynamics, communication, social dynamics
  • Business acumen
  • Coaching skills
  • Professional practice and supervision
  • The coaching process

To apply please download and complete the application form below

Application form part 2

Application form part 2

Gain professional business and executive coaching skills and knowledge based on the standards developed by the Graduate School Alliance of Executive Coaching (GSAEC). You will be equipped to set up a coaching programme and provide coaching within the

Establish an in-house coaching programme or develop an internal coach who can coach your employees and assist them in their growth and development. Coaching helps employees perform at their best and drives excellence in the organisation.