Wits CXO Executive Course: Disruptive Forces of Technology in Business

Course Description:

Disruptive Forces of Technology in Business for the Next Generation C-suite (CXO) Executive, this thought-provoking short course addresses the challenges faced by CXO executives as their enterprises embark on the path towards digital transformation.

Course basics:

3 months


Course Level:

Full Time

Exec Ed Category:
Business Acumen and Leadership Development

Course Cost:
R60 000

Course Structure:

Five modules spread over 3 months, for a total of 12 full-time days of learning

C-level executives and senior managers in organisations where technology is used as a strategic asset to drive competitive advantage.

Course content

  • Digital Futures, Economy and Society
  • Digital Ecosystem Governance and Management
  • Crossing the Digital Divide
  • Transforming Sectors and Society
  • Digital Mastery
  • Executive Case Study

You will learn to:

  • Assess a number of sector-based transformation concepts and strategic/tactical approaches as they pertain to a transforming digital economy;
  • Critically analyse a strategic framework for management of an enterprise’s digital ecosystem;
  • Interpret models of digital ecosystem governance and choose the appropriate model at enterprise level;
  • Apply diverse ideas to explore the digital divides (e.g., innovation chasm, innovation divide); 
  • Focus on the leadership qualities required for digital mastery.

Accreditation and assessment

  • NQF level 8
  • Assessment based on individual and group assignments
  • Assessment also includes a research component, consisting of an executive group case study

Registration and payment process
In accordance with Wits policies, upfront payment is required to register for the course. The payment of the fees is the responsibility of the individual registering for the course. For registration contact Rhoda Malebye on rhoda.malebye@wits.ac.za or tel: +27-11-717-3377

You will build a deep understanding of the context and nature of digital innovation in emerging markets, both globally and locally. You will benefit from interacting with peers, as well as with local and international thought leaders.

This course reveals how digital technologies influence enterprises and society and how C-level executives may utilise a suite of digital technologies to optimally position their enterprises through more efficient and effective production, operations,