African Women Leading in the 21st Century

African Women Leading in the 21st Century

Start Date: Friday, 14 July, 2017
Time: Full day from 14 – 16 July
Contact Person: Michaela Mahes on 011 717 3159 or
Venue: Indaba Hotel
Cost: R19 500

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It’s time for PAUSE…to let your authentic self emerge, reflect and recalibrate!

Research is showing that companies with more women in leadership produce better results. Women leaders score higher on taking initiative, communication, sociability, innovation, methodical setting of goals and supportiveness which constitute a mix of essential traits for business success. On the other hand, women leaders often battle lack of confidence, work related stress and challenges of fitting into male dominated cultures. There is little doubt that organisations in the 21st century need values based, innovative, empathetic and transformative leadership.

However as women our focus appears to be on bullishly climbing the corporate ladder, reactive to the demands of being modern women, bombarded with external stimuli, overscheduled diaries and the chaos of constant noise and instant communications.

Wits Business School believes it is time to disrupt the present thinking on leadership, to take a step back and ask yourself - What does it mean to be an African woman leader, right now, right here and into the future? What is your authentic leadership style and how do you harness its potency to lead with both head and heart.

Please join us as we pause to reflect and connect as women leaders. To interrogate our own collective experiences and, to have compelling and real conversations on leadership. This masterclass is informed by a sound  progressive mix of pracademic processes and reflective practices for personal and professional development.

So STOP and STEP OUT and come discover your own leadership paradigm.
Facilitated by Basetsana Kumalo